For dummies

Using direct link

wget && unzip -d /usr/share/php


  1. php >= 5
  2. php-xsl

Installation explained

You need to download and unzip archive. Where to put this files?

Recommended location is /usr/share/php for *nix filesystems with typical environment. However, you can install vihvlcc in any location you want. Just configure your php include path.

A few examples:

Installation on Windows with XAMPP environment

Assuming we have file structure like this

c:\xammp <- xammp root

c:\xampp\php <- php folder

Create new folder

c:\xampp\php\includesIn c:\xampp\php\php.ini find the row

include_path=".;C:\xampp\php\PEAR;..Add new path to include path


unpack archive into c:\xampp\php\includes

you should have 2 new folders at the end

c:\xampp\php\includes\vihv <- with lots of files and subfolders in it

restart apache httpd

Installing info wordpress project as part of the theme

Assiming you have wordpress installed in

/var/www/mywebsiteCreate folder for new theme


Unpack, so you will get new folder


with library code in it.

Also you can use vihvLcc theme template for Wordpress (todo link here)