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DebugControl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 onParkedEvent ($Sender)
 SetTargetControl (IControl $Control)
 GetTargetControl ()
 GetTree ()
 onBeforeDisplayEvent ($Sender)
 GetTemplate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Control
 __construct ()
 setEventManager (EventManager $eventManager)
 getEventManager ()
 enable ()
 disable ()
 isEnabled ()
 getRootTag ()
 getResourceId ()
 getAttributes ()
 getXmlAttributes ()
 getTemplate ()
 warningHandler ($code, $message)
 setTheme (ITheme $theme)
 getTheme ()
 getXSLT ()
 getHtml ($format= 'html')
 getXml ()
 setData (Array $data)
 pushData ($key, $value)
 pushBoolData ($key, $value)
 getData ()
 setParent (Container $Container)
 getParent ()
 __call ($EventName, $Args)
 setEvent ($Name, $Handler)
 provide ($EventName)
 goBack ()
 onGetEvent ($Sender, $Input)
 onPostEvent ($Sender, $Input)
 onCreateEvent ($sender)
 onParkedEvent ($sender)
 onRootTemplateLoadEvent ($Sender, $DOM)
 onDisplayEvent ($Sender)
 onEnableEvent ($sender)
 onDisableEvent ($Sender)
 onDefaultPageEvent ($Sender)
 onBeforeDisplayEvent ($Sender)
 onParented ()
 onParentedEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IControl
 GetHtml ()
 GetXml ()
 Provide ($Name)
 SetParent ($Container)
 OnGetEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 OnPostEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 SetEvent ($Name, $Handler)

Static Public Member Functions

static getInstance ()

Data Fields

const DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = "vihv/design/control/DebugControl/DebugControl.xsl"
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Detailed Description

Debug Control can be used for viewing controls hierarhy viewing possible events viewing permissions

It will appear as hidden frame at the bottom of you sites page, click on it to expand.

Should never been userd on live application. You can disable it in config/TDebugControl.php

Vigorous Hive

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )

Member Function Documentation

static getInstance ( )
GetTargetControl ( )
GetTemplate ( )
GetTree ( )
Tree of controls
onBeforeDisplayEvent (   $Sender)
onParkedEvent (   $Sender)
SetTargetControl ( IControl  $Control)
$ControlDebugControl will keep an eye on this control and his children

Field Documentation

const DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = "vihv/design/control/DebugControl/DebugControl.xsl"

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