VihvLCC  3.0.0
ExceptionControl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SetException ($e)
 SetTemplate ($path)
 GetTemplate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Control
 __construct ()
 setEventManager (EventManager $eventManager)
 getEventManager ()
 enable ()
 disable ()
 isEnabled ()
 getRootTag ()
 getResourceId ()
 getAttributes ()
 getXmlAttributes ()
 getTemplate ()
 warningHandler ($code, $message)
 setTheme (ITheme $theme)
 getTheme ()
 getXSLT ()
 getHtml ($format= 'html')
 getXml ()
 setData (Array $data)
 pushData ($key, $value)
 pushBoolData ($key, $value)
 getData ()
 setParent (Container $Container)
 getParent ()
 __call ($EventName, $Args)
 setEvent ($Name, $Handler)
 provide ($EventName)
 goBack ()
 onGetEvent ($Sender, $Input)
 onPostEvent ($Sender, $Input)
 onCreateEvent ($sender)
 onParkedEvent ($sender)
 onRootTemplateLoadEvent ($Sender, $DOM)
 onDisplayEvent ($Sender)
 onEnableEvent ($sender)
 onDisableEvent ($Sender)
 onDefaultPageEvent ($Sender)
 onBeforeDisplayEvent ($Sender)
 onParented ()
 onParentedEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IControl
 GetHtml ()
 GetXml ()
 Provide ($Name)
 SetParent ($Container)
 OnGetEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 OnPostEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 SetEvent ($Name, $Handler)

Data Fields

const DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = "vihv/design/Misc/Exception.xsl"
- Data Fields inherited from Control

Member Function Documentation

GetTemplate ( )
SetException (   $e)
SetTemplate (   $path)

Field Documentation

const DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = "vihv/design/Misc/Exception.xsl"

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