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ICmsPost Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($node=null)
 getType ()
 getPermalink ()
 getTitle ()
 getHtmlContent ()
 getHtmlExcerpt ()
 getThumbnail ()

Detailed Description

represent basic content element for Wordpress it will be post (or page, or custom post type) for Drupal - node for Joomla - article

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $node = null)

if $node is missing we will create current page object

Implemented in WpPost.

Member Function Documentation

getHtmlContent ( )
html contend of the page/post

Implemented in WpPost.

getHtmlExcerpt ( )
html code for annotation of current post (content befor <!–more–> tag for example)

Implemented in WpPost.

getPermalink ( )

Implemented in WpPost.

getThumbnail ( )
array with keys url,width,height,alt,title
getTitle ( )

Implemented in WpPost.

getType ( )
node type (article or whatever, useful for custom post types, node types)

Implemented in WpPost.

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