VihvLCC  3.0.0
IControl Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for IControl:

Public Member Functions

 GetHtml ()
 GetXml ()
 Provide ($Name)
 SetParent ($Container)
 onCreateEvent ($sender)
 OnGetEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 OnPostEvent ($Input, $Sender)
 SetEvent ($Name, $Handler)

Detailed Description

interface for all vihv controls

Member Function Documentation

GetHtml ( )
part of html suitable to be embeded into ANY application
GetXml ( )
data for displaying serialized as Xml, mostly for future use in xslt template
onCreateEvent (   $sender)

event handler invoked after constructor

Implemented in Control.

OnGetEvent (   $Input,

this event raised if you pass any data by http get method, this should be access for reading data and displaying in on web page <– this is get request $Input parameter in this case becomes array('a'=>'b', 'v'=>'i');

OnPostEvent (   $Input,

this is handler for http POST method, should be used for data modification

Provide (   $Name)

check if a control has event handler for specified event

true if provide
SetEvent (   $Name,

Example $Sender->SetEvent('OnEnable', array($this, 'OnEnableEvent'));

$Namename of event, event will be called like $Sender->OnEnable()
$Handlerarray(object what contains method, method name) where "method" is a fuction what does all real work
SetParent (   $Container)

Sets Container what own this control

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